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Jewish Noahidist makes veiled hate comment against Hindu Shiva statue at CERN

I have written several times on this blog about the Zionist Noahide Laws, if you have never heard of this issue I ask that you please investigate my blog on the matter (here).  To describe the Noahide Law quickly, they are a Sharia-like set of Jewish laws that come from the Jewish holy book, the Babylonian Talmud (here). Like Islamic Sharia these Noahide Laws are to be imposed upon the whole earth and all non-Jews, and also like Sharia they outlaw any other form of worship other than what is approved of by orthodox Judaism, and idolatry is strictly forbidden. But what makes these laws different is that they only apply to non-Jews worldwide, Jews have a separate set of laws which apply to them, it is a two-tier legal system where Jews have more protections against prosecution than non-Jews (here).

Many Hindus would think that even if this is true that Jews do not have the power or desire to implement such a system from the ancient past, but they are.  Again, I ask you to dig in and do the research, but laws have already been passed in the United States that make Noahide Law the "foundation" of the United States government (here), there is also collaboration from the United Nations (here), the Vatican (here), the Islamic world (here & here), and international Freemasonry (here).  All of these groups are uniting behind the anti-idolatrous Jewish Noahide Laws, these would outlaw idolatry on pain of death, internationally, and this coalition of players would be the judges and juries over the non-Jews of the world. I know it sounds like science fiction, but it isn't. Isreal is officially behind this operation (here) and they are making in-roads into India with converts to this legal system (here). But what you will find hardest to believe is that the punishment for practicing idolatry under Noahide Law is beheading!

One example of Jewish Noahide anti-idolatrous hatred are statements made by one Jewish writer, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, who showed disapproval for the United Nations' erection of the Arch of Palmyra because the city of Palmyra was an idolatrous city (Article Below). Berkowitz mentions that idolatry is prohibited under Noahide Law (on pain of death). Berkowitz also infers his disdain for Hindu idolatry when he lightly chides the science center CERN, despite being an institution of science, it has a Shiva idol on display on its property. Relating it to concerns of destructive potentialities that could be caused by CERN's quantum physics research, Berkowitz tells us that CERN in his opinion seems to fail to mention that Shiva is the god of destruction. 

The Jewish Noahide Laws are real, they are powerful, they have armies behind them, and the legal stage is set to make them imminent. These laws have murderous intent for idolators, and that includes Hinduism. I am sending this post to the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), but don't expect any response from them, HAF is officially involved with the government of Israel in reshaping Hinduism on Jewish terms into a religion that is not longer Hinduism but Noahidism (here).

UN Displays Arch of Palmyra Combining New World Order, Idolatry and Quantum Physics

For he built again the high places which Chizkiyahu his father had destroyed; and he reared up altars for Baal. II Kings 21:3
A recent display in Switzerland brought together elements of a New World Order, Idolatry, and experiments in Quantum physics.
Ten days ago, a 20 foot-tall replica of Roman Victory Arch of Palmyra was unveiled for a 12 day display in Bern, Switzerland commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Swiss Commission for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The date seems random however June 21 is the summer solstice, a major day in the calendar for the form of idolatry which focuses on sun-worship.
Its current location in Bern brings it to within 100 miles of The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known by the acronym CERN, which operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. CERN performs the most cutting edge experiments in quantum physics, some of which are quite controversial. In 2009, Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, briefed reporters about some of the possible implications of an experiment labeled AWAKE. He speculated that the experiment could possibly open portals into the “unknown”.
“Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it,” Bertolucci was quoted as saying.
Other experiments raised concerns that black holes might suddenly appear with unknown consequences.
Despite being an institute dedicated to scientific research, visitors to CERN are greeted at the gate by a large statue of the Indian goddess Shiva. A gift of the Indian government, the statue is described by the institute as a metaphor comparing the cosmic dance of the Nataraj and the modern study of the ‘cosmic dance’ of subatomic particles. The official explanation fails to mention that in the Indian pantheon, Shiva is known as the destroyer.
It should be remembered that Palmyra, the home of the original arch for two millennia, was a major center for idolatry, specifically the worship of Ba’al, also known as Moloch. Mentioned more than 90 times in the Bible, most notably when Elijah defeated the priests of Ba’al in a contest to bring down fire from heaven to burn a sacrifice, Ba’al became the archetypical form of idol worship. Pantheistic, his adherents worshipped Mother Nature while denying the existence of a creator. Followers of Ba’al engaged in bisexual orgies and sacrificed human infants, burning them alive. Anthropologists conjecture that the child sacrifice was to cull the population after the inevitable outcome of wanton sexuality.
Palmyra was dedicated in 32 CE to the worship of Bel. Lower levels of the ground underneath the Temple of Palmyra indicate human occupation that goes back to the third millennium BCE. Converted into a Christian church during the Byzantine Era, parts of the structure were modified into a mosque by Muslims in 1132. It remained in use as a mosque until the 1920s.
In addition to being rooted in idolatry, the recreated arch is emerging as a symbol for world government, reappearing in several venues hosting world government summits. It was erected to inaugurate the World Government Summit in Dubai in February 2017, an event that brings together leaders in business, technology, and politics from around the world. The arch was then erected in Italy in May 2017 for the G7 Summit, a meeting of the leaders of the seven largest economies in the world representing more than 64 percent of the net global wealth.
Rejecting idolatry should be a universal concern. Judaism does not desire for non-Jews to convert to Judaism but the third Noahide law is a prohibition against idolatry.
The first modern reappearance of the Arch of Palmyra was in London’s Trafalgar Square in 2016, when it was erected for UNESCO World Heritage Week. The unveiling coincided with the beginning of a 13-day period known in the occult as “the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast,” the most important holiday for those who worship the god Ba’al, celebrated with child sacrifice and bisexual orgies. The arch was unveiled on April 19th, the holiday of Beltane, the culmination of the 13-day period.
Also known as May Day, Beltane is an Anglicized reference to the god “Ba’al.”  An annual Beltane Fire Festival is held in Edinburgh and in other parts around the globe as part of ancient Gaelic culture. In an unfortunate misunderstanding of the festival’s roots, they are frequently billed as family events, with children being given special discounts.
The IDA and UNESCO have paired up in other projects presenting symbols of idolatry. In November 2017, a statue of the pagan goddess Athena was reconstructed by the IDA and presented at an exhibit “The Spirit in the Stone,” at the United Nations’ headquarters in New York City. The exhibit described Athena as “synonymous with reason, refuge and the rule of law, all of the same values on which that historic institution was built,” but the spear lying at the statue’s feet belied her more common association as the goddess of war. Some scholars believe the Greek goddess was based on the Mesopotamian goddess al-Lat.
The original arch was destroyed by the Islamic State (ISIS) in October 2015, but one year later, the Institute for Digital Archaeology (IDA) used 3-D printing technology to reproduce a 20-foot  full-scale replica. Before the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War in 2011, Palmyra was a popular tourist attraction, drawing 105,000 visitors a year.

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Jews and Noahides publish dangerously hateful anti-Hindu cartoon

What is Judaism? What is Noahidism? While many Hindus feel as though they have a good relationship with Jews, most will realize they know very little about the Jewish religion or its ULTIMATE aims and objectives. What is the ultimate aim of Judaism?  Unbeknownst to most Hindus, Zionism is much more than a purely nationalistic endeavor, Zionism also has a plan for the whole world, and it is not something pleasant for non-Jews, particularly "idolators".

So what is Noahidism and Noahide Law?  Simply stated, Judaism has two sets of laws, one law for Jews, and one mandatory compulsory law for non-Jews. Noahide Law can be complicated but it is a set of seven commandments which all non-Jews of the world are obligated to follow, on pain of death:
1. No Idolatry
2. No Blasphemy
3. No "Sexual Immorality"
4. No Murder (Jews may murder non-Jews [here])
5. No Theft (Jews may steal for non-Jews [here])
7. Set up courts to enforce the above 6 laws on pain of death by beheading
For more information on the Noahide Laws see my blog on this subject (here
Now to many Hindus these laws seem old and antiquated and the idea that Jews would want to enforce these laws let alone have the power and ability to do so would seem ridiculous, but the Zionists have been keeping silent on many issues that Hindus should be aware of.

In 1991 the United States passed a bill called Public Law 102-14 (here). This law asserts that these Noahide Laws for non-Jews are the "foundation" upon which American society was founded (not the constitution?), that it is our "responsibility" to teach the populace about these laws (favoring one religion over another?), and that at some date in time the President of the United States will sign and "international scroll" along with other heads of state promising to return the world to the morals of the Noahide Laws (will this scroll be international law?).

How were the Jew able to have such a law passed when it is obviously offensive and unconstitutional?  Could it be that Jews have more power and influence than most Hindus can understand?  Did you know that these laws have also been stated as mandatory in official proclamations from the United Nations (here) and the Vatican (here)? Did you know that international Freemasonry officially endorses these laws (here) and there are attempts to get the Sunni Muslim world to comply as well (here)?

Why is this coming up all of a sudden now, why have we not heard of these laws for the past millennia? The answer is the growing might of the nation of Israel and Zionism. Judaism's ultimate objective is for Israel to rule as a priest nation over the rest of the world's non-Jews who are to be forced to follow the Noahide Laws or be killed, and for the first time in history, the Jews are approaching the ability to enact this final vision of their religion. 

But the Noahide Laws are not preached in a draconian or terrifying way, as this might be hard to believe, many people actually willingly convert to following these laws, and they are called "Noahides". These Noahides along with Jews run evangelist organization with the official backing of the state of Israel (here) to bring the world's masses to an understanding and acceptance of this doctrine. There are current programs going on to convert Hindus in India to Noahidism (here) and the Noahide agenda has officially infiltrated America's largest Hindu "advocay" organization, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) (here).

So what else have these Jewish and Noahide evangelists been up to in regards to Hinduism? FollowersOfYah .com is a Christian website that promotes the worship of Jesus but uses Hebrew and Old Testament imagery and culture to do so; at first you might think it is a Jewish site, but it isn't. According to FollowersOfYah, a now defunct Noahide website called www. RainbowCovenant .org published a series of cartoons (archived below) which promote the Noahide Laws but which are extremely anti-pagan. These cartoons depict pagans such as Vikings, Native Americans and ancient Greeks as stupid, drunk, superstitious charlatans who have no business teaching Jews about the Torah; other cartoons feature pagans converting to Noahidism. Worse than this, one cartoon depicts non-Jews being beheaded for not complying with the Noahide Laws! Even the Noahide website itself stated that some people found the cartoons to be inappropriate. If we can trust the source, which it seems we can from the evidence, what kind of people would publish such images? This is the dehumanization needed to convince the world that non-Jews who do not follow the Noahide Laws are worthy only of death. 

Followers of Yah accuses Noahide website of publishing anti-pagan cartoons 

Archive of cartoon page (images not included)

A Viking is portrayed as
a stupid barbarian hick
who has no business
teaching Jews from the Torah

Pagans are shamed for
their nature worship
and their gods mocked

Native Americans portrayed
as superstitious and crazy

Pagan oracles depicted as
drunken charlatans and harlots

Pagans converting to Noahidism?

Non-Jews being beheaded
for not following the Noahide Laws

But what about Hindus, did the Jews and Noahides have anything to say about us? One of the cartoons condemns public schools for teaching about pagan religions, and it is obvious the religion they chose to condemn as idolatry is Hinduism. You can see from the way the idol is designed, along with the diya in the young girl's hand, that this is an obvious representation of a Hindu ritual which the cartoons mocks with the idol looking absurd and zany. 

The Noahide Laws promote the beheading of non-Jews who practice idolatry, and the Noahide website above shows various peoples and cultures which it attempts to dehumanize as worthy of death, and yes, one of these cultures is Hinduism. Did you know that the Jewish holy book of the Talmud specifically states Hindus (Indians) are heathens?
The preserved ginger which comes from India is permitted [24]
Footnote 24: In spite of the fact that it has been prepared by heathens.

- 1962 Soncino Babylonian Talmud,  Mas. Berachoth 36b
The Noahide laws are hateful and murderous, and so are these cartoons. Hindus should be aware that even though they may now seem to have good relations with the Zionists, in the end, their heads will also be on the chopping block. 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Should Hindus entertain Friday the 13th?

Today is Friday the 13th, 2019, and many Hindus are entertaining the superstition that this particular date is unlucky, but should we be involving ourselves in this Western tradition? According to National Geographic (here), the exact origins of Friday the 13th as an unlucky date are unclear. It would seem that the number 13 had negative connotations even in pagan times. In ancient Norse mythology, the trickster god Loki was the 13th guest to arrive at a dinner party among the gods where he tricked the blind god of darkness into shooting an arrow at the god of joy, and after the entire world was plunged into darkness. Some say 13 has pagan numerological underpinnings in so much that the number 12 is considered a number of completion with 12 months in the year, but the 12 month calendar was introduced with the Christian Gregorian calendar, before this time pagan calendars had different numbers of months, such as the Roman calendar which had 10 months. 

It is unknown whether or not the pagans held Friday as an unlucky day, but it was the day of the goddess of love, Venus, and after this, it became the date of the Viking goddess Frigg, some say the Christians wanted to demonize goddess worship and so made the day of these goddesses unlucky. However, it would seem that there is no mention of the unlucky origins of Friday and the number 13 together until the Christian 19th century. This has led some scholars to believe that this invention of the unlucky nature of the coincidence of Friday and the number 13 to have Christian origins. At the last supper, Judas was the last and 13th person to arrive at the dinner table, and he later betrayed Jesus to the Romans. Jesus was also crucified on a Friday and so some say that this is where the unlucky nature of Friday came from. 

Whether the origins of the myth are Christian or pagan might not matter to Hindus as the very existence of the persistence of Friday the 13th in our calendar has everything to do with the Gregorian calendar which was forced upon the pagans to uproot their own lunar-solar calendars. The quote below is from the National Geographic article on Friday the 13th (here)
They date goes back to at least ancient Roman times, but Friday the 13th superstitions won't be getting much of a workout this year. Luckily for triskaidekaphobia sufferers, 2011—like 2010 before it—has only one Friday the 13th.
By contrast, 2009 boasted three Friday the 13ths—the maximum possible in a year, at least as long as we continue to mark time with the Gregorian calendar, which Pope Gregory XIII ordered the Catholic Church to adopt in 1582.
 "You can't have any [years] with none, and you can't have any with four, because of our funny calendar," said Underwood Dudley, a professor emeritus of mathematics at DePauw University in Indiana, and author of Numerology: Or, What Pythagoras Wrought.
The calendar works just as its predecessor, the Julian calendar, did, with a leap year every four years. But the Gregorian calendar skips leap years on century years except those divisible by 400. For example, there was no leap year in 1900, but there was one in 2000. This trick keeps the calendar in tune with the seasons.
The result is an ordering of days and dates that repeats itself every 400 years, Dudley noted. As time marches through the order, some years appear with three Friday the 13ths. Other years have two or, like 2011, one.
 Curious Calendar Encourages Friday the 13th Superstitions
 It's just that curious way our calendar is constructed, with 28 days in February and all those 30s and 31s," Dudley said.
When the 400-year order is laid out, another revelation occurs: The 13th falls on Friday more often than any other day of the week. "It's just a funny coincidence," Dudley said.
Richard Beveridge, a mathematics instructor at Clatsop Community College in Oregon, authored a 2003 paper in the journal Mathematical Connections on the mathematics of Friday the 13th. 
He noted the 400-year cycle is further broken down into periods of either 28 or 40 years.
"At the end of every cycle you get a year with three Friday the 13ths the year before the last year in the cycle … and you also get one on the tenth year of all the cycles," he said.
2009, for example, was the tenth year of the cycle that started in 2000.
I have written on this blog (here) about another holiday which has everything to do with the Christian calendar and that is April Fools Day. In pagan calendars the beginning of the year was spring, around March/April, not the dead of winter in January. The only reason the New Year was moved to January was so it would coincide with Christian customs surrounding Jesus. The term "April Fools" was a way of chiding pagans who still celebrating the New Year in April, Christians calling them foolish.

If it were not for the Christian Gregorian calendar we would not have a Friday the 13th every year, and at least during modern times, it would seem that the superstition has a lot to do with Jesus and Christianity. Should Hindus take stock in Friday the 13th? It is a difficult question to answer, but it should be a reminder to us that we must suffer this date once a year at least only because of the uprooting of the Hindu calendar. Like April Fools Day, Friday the 13th is just another reminder of Christian hegemony over our times and seasons. In my opinion, Hindus should avoid entertaining this superstition. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hindus should take over the sex industry

In my early 20s I was a prostitute in NYC. How did this happen? Well yes, money was an issue at the time, I was going to school and working and paying rent and it was impossible to keep up so I began to sell my body to make ends meet. But money was not the only reason I got involved in the sex industry as I had wanted to be since around the age of 16. In this day and age, the call to live a life of sex is viewed as an aberration, a mental illness, a sign of immorality and something simply dark and sinister. But this has only become true in the age of the Bible and the Quran as before this time sex work was not only often legal but was viewed as normal and even religious. 

As a young Christian I was oftentimes struck by the sex worshipping pagans of the Bible which the Israelites invaded and exterminated. While the Israelites were cunning and haughty, the pagans were warm and generous, oftentimes helping the Jews only to be plagued for their kindness. One central theme of the noble pagans was their incorporation of sex into their worship. The pagans of Canaan worshipped versions of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, the goddess of love, sex and war. In Canaan, as well as in Babylon, sacred sex temples were erected where sacred prostitutes of both sexes served the men of the land in sexual rites and social customs. In some societies, a woman could not be married until she had sold her body at the temple of the gods. Very common among the sex groves were male sodomite priests who enticed men into the religion of the state.

What happened to this pagan culture was an atrocity as as the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam grew they violent wiped out the sex worshipers and their temples, and since that time the Abrahamic have dominated the human thinking on sex. What was once pure and holy became profane and sinful and everything connected to sex became smudgy. Today, sex and the sex industry are viewed as anything but religious and social but nothing but a den of dirt and iniquity, and any person who would be attracted to such a lifestyle is immediately viewed as somehow less worthy of a human being, not a priest of priestess. 

Before my conversion to Hinduism I dedicated my worship to the gods of sex, love, and war such as Ishtar and incorporated their persona into my work as a prostitute as well as my vivid sex life, it was a far cry from the ancient sex worship of Canaan, but I kept the faith regardless. After converting to Hinduism I found the god of love, sex, passion and desire, Kama Deva, who has remained my primary god since.  In the Mahabharata, kings would keep harems of women who were trained in the arts of the god Kama and who would pleasure the men invited to the palace. In the Bhagavatam Purana, Krishna rewards a devote hunchback woman with a beautiful appearance and says for her reward she may establish a pleasure house for men.  The Kama Sutra explains many forms of sexual activity among the Hindus, one of which was the maintenance of men's grooming and massage parlors where patrons could receive homosexual services (a form of prostitution). And then, of course, are the famous Hindu sex temples with images of all sorts of sexual activities carved into the edifice. 

However, due to Christian colonialism and Islamic invasion, the Hindus have also become very prudent about sex and so today my worship of the sex gods of Hinduism is often viewed with suspicion and as immorality, I am must admit this is very hard to deal with as I feel as though my internal calling is to worship these gods and so I have persisted. Many find it strange that it hurts me to see the sex industry owned and operated by men who see no divinity in it but only take advantage of sex starved citizens, cynically peddling to them crumbs of smut. But worse still is the fact that these men make millions of dollars a year off porn and prostitution when that money should be going into the hands of men who actually respect sex and see it as an act of worship.

I remember reading in Hindu scripture that during the dark age of Kali Yuga wicked men ruled the minds of all with Kama (sex). Since Kama Deva is my highest god you can imagine it pains me to see his arts used by evil people to subvert what I consider one of the holiest institutions on earth. Some say that there is nothing we can do to thwart the Kali Yuga, that it must take its course and we should just accept that at this time the unworthy rule and pervert the natural and social laws. But for me, I just cannot watch as the very institution that I love is kidnapped and misused by our enemies. I am of the persuasion that determination and love can shift the age of Kali Yuga and even during this time beautiful things can be made true and the forces of darkness can at least be partially subdued.

Right now the sex industry is ruled by the wrong people who are becoming more and more powerful and who are using the human sex drive to corrupt the whole earth and bring them away from the gods, making them believe sex is a low and dirty act, associating it with dark dirty rooms and sociopathic behavior. Let me ask Hindus this, why should these men be making all the money and controlling the industry?  Someone needs to profit from this, someone needs to set the tone, why leave it to the powers of darkness? 

I lived much of my life near NYC and I still live close so I go into the city often.  One thing that I noticed was that many if not most of the sex stores and porn houses are owned by Indian Hindus.  Muslims and Christians will find it hard to dominate the sex industry due to their morals and inability to see free love as godly, and so the only competition for Hindus is really the irreligious. These men are often cruel, selfish and exploitative, meaning that they neither provide workers not customers with the type of satisfaction that comes from considerate ownership. How could Hindus be positive owners of an industry which is already saturated with negativity?

Look, the porn has been made, the sex shops are already open, the people who rule the earth today have already degraded sex to a vice industry... and they are controlling it, manipulating it and profiting off of it. Hindus should already use their in in the sex industry to monopolize it and make sure all these profits and control go to Hindus and not others. Once we gain control of the sex industry we can then use if for our own purposes, first controlling the minds of those who can only be controlled by the lowest forms of sex as they themselves are debased, but at the same time reintroducing sex worship culture associated with the gods and high ideals. 

The god Kama Deva is the god of lust and sex, and in the scriptures he uses sex to both distract the unworthy but also lead people to good. The gods exist so that humans may emulate them and walk in their footsteps. If the god Kama Deva can rule the minds of humans for the best of humanity, then so can humans; like Kama we are allowed to wield the power of sex from both spectrums, dark and light. The irreligious do not own sex, that is reserved for those gods who created it for higher purposes, why should Hindus sit and watch as all the money and power goes to the mlecca while also allowing them to craft the thinking on this issue. Why can't Hindus, like Kama Deva, use sex to bring people to the gods while also making the profits and connections to out the competition? For the best of the world and Hindu power, Hindus should and must take over the sex industry, which they have halfway already. 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Sweden needs Hinduism if it wants to survive

“O Agni, radiant One, to whom the holy oil is poured, burn up Our enemies whom fiends protect.” – Rig Veda 1.12.5 
What is wrong in Sweden today?  What has happened that this nation once known for its beauty is now a haven of terrorism for yet another "One True God".  Do any of you remember when your people worshiped the old gods, the Aesir and the Vanir?  Do any of you remember the old Temple at Uppsala where your ancestors payed homage to Thor, Odin and Fryer?  Do any of you remember a time when few would dare cross a man or woman of the Old Norse religion, can't any of you see that the whole world adores and respects your ancient culture, and can't you see that the world now looks upon you with pity and disdain for your weakness?
“Fierce on his enemies fell Indra's weapon: with. his sharp bull he rent their forts in pieces. He with his thunderbolt dealt blows on Vrtra; and conquered, executing all his purpose.” – Rig Veda 1.33.13

Today the world is buzzing with the news of the latest Islamic terror truck attack in your capital city of Stockholm, 2 or 3 or 5 people are dead, but millions or your people have already lost their souls. Your people have sat back and allowed bureaucrats and the media to crunch numbers, to tell you what you perceive with your eyes is not true, that Sweden is falling under an Islamic rape epidemic.  This game may be new to you, but to Hindus it is old news, gang rape of Hindu women has been a staple product in Bangladesh and Pakistan for decades now, and it has been going on since the beginning of the Islamic invasions into India some 800 years ago.  No talking head on TV can convince the awoke Hindu that their is no rising tide of Islamic rape, they know this and see this in their very being, in their own families. 

“Consumers of your foes, no enemy of yours is found in heaven or on the earth: Ye Rudras, may the strength, held in this bond, be yours, to bid defiance even now.” – Rig Veda 1.39.4
Who are trying to pull these blinders over your eyes, who are trying to lull you to sleep as your people are slowly swallowed up by the demonic god of Islam, just as it has done in the North-West and North-East of India? Who are the ones trying to tell you that Islamists will not try to establish Sharia Law, as they have in Pakistan and Bangladesh?  Who is telling you that Islamists will not burn your homes and your houses and steal your children as they do in Pakistan and Bangladesh?  Those who commit treason against you in Sweden are the same who are try in India, the Left, the daughters of Marxism, though in India they are more vigorously opposed. 
“Whole strength have ye, O Bounteous Ones; perfect, earth-shakers, is your might. Maruts, against the poet's wrathful enemy send ye an enemy like a dart” – Rig Veda 1.39.10
Why are your worst enemies coming from within?  Why do your women and children rebuke you, why do they tear at their own skins and whore themselves to this slaving god, just to hurt you?  You all know that Islam is not the real problem, Islam is not the root cause, Islamization is simply a side effect of a deeper malaise. Many of your nationalists and strong men blame Leftism, Marxism, Socialism and those who are behind it, but few dare to reveal the cracks through which this polluted spring rose to the top of your society.  Is Leftism really the cause, or is it like Islamism, a symptom?
“The Kings drive far away from him his troubles and his enemies, And lead him safely o'er distress.” – Rig Veda 1.41.3
What stands between you and your ancient past, the time of the gods, the past that is celebrated in today's comic books and Hollywood movies, but which has no entrance into your everyday life?   Or have you forgotten that past?  The vast majority of your resistance has forgotten that past, and they turn to another god, the god who destroyed your true culture, the god of Israel. Oh yes, everyone is very well aware of the fact that your resistance only uses Christianity in the most cynical of ways, it's just a near past that you are all familiar with, something you can use to raise the emotions of men and women and hopefully raise an army, but still we all know that deep inside you know that Christianity is the very poison which brought you to this point in the first place... why are you cowardly, why are you turning back?
“Shelter may they vouchsafe to us, Immortal Gods to mortal men, Chasing our enemies away.” – Rig Veda 1.90.3
The famous German prophet Oswald Spengler is famous for his quote: “Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism”; and all of you in the resistance know this is very true. How did you lose your old gods to Christianity, was it a simple and peaceful transfer of power, or was their conflict?  Didn't the Christians poison the minds of your people, prayed upon their weaknesses, turned them against you and then when it was possible, didn't they use violence?  Remember Blot-Sweyn and Inge the Elder in the 1080s.  King Inge tried to end the traditional pagan sacrifices at Uppsala, but your ancestors exiled him and palced his pagan brother-in-law Blot-Sweyn  on the throne on the condition that he allow the sacrifices to continue. But Inge returned to Sweden with an army, surrounded the Old Uppsala, set it on fire and killed King Blot-Sweyn. This is marked as the completion of the Christianization of the Swedes, the burning of your most holy temple and the murder of your elected pagan King. 
“We. wish our Indra here that he may further you, the Friend, beloved of all, the very strong ally, in wars the very strong ally In all encounters strengthen thou our prayer to be a help to us. No enemy-whom thou smitest downsubdueth thee, no enemy, whom thou smitest down” – Rig Veda 1.129.4

Oh but that's history, the Christians won didn't they, isn't this just survival of the fittest?  Doesn't the smallest of pathogenic microbes take down the mightiest of men and animals?  Can't any blaggard knife a king in the back? What has been the result of your Christianization, where has it led you?  You got rid of the natural pagan diversity, designed by nature, to integrate the many types of men and women born into your people.  Whether you like it or not, every people gives birth to dominant women and passive men, and mothers and fathers, and sailors and poets, and drunks and teachers, and scientists and priests, and straights and gays, and millions of combinations in between. The old pagan wisdom created thousands of gods to integrate all your children into a single culture, but also allowed for degrees of separation to avoid natural conflicts of temperament, intelligence and aesthetic.  Were there not mother goddesses and death-hag goddesses, and warrior gods and poet gods? Didn't these all live under one pantheon, regardless of the fact that there were sometimes clashes? Christianity is Spiritual Marxism it gets rid of the spiritual hierarchy. 

“The fire, burning the people, does not approach quickly (by day): the naked (Rakasas approach) not Agni by night; the giver of fuel, and the giver of food, he, the upholder (of the rite), is born, overcoming enemies by his might.” – Rig Veda 1.179.9
So you did away with all this confusion to latch onto the seemingly more convenient monotheism, which was also monoculture.  You got rid of all the minor shrines and burnt all the peripheral legends which were once the haven of the unique rare members of your society, and you told everyone they had to get into the same church and take on the same mystique.  The Biblical man of the Old Testament showed you how you were supposed to be and how you were supposed to treat women and fags, brutally. There was not going to be any more lenience, no understanding for the men and women who did not fit into the black and white framework of the Bible, you did away with the gifts of the rare but valuable pagan prophetess, and crushed the spirits of the rare but visionary effeminate seer. Not only these but you pushed out those who kept knowledge of the stars and your ancestors, for this was paganism, the old ways, and they needed to be uprooted. 
“Give not us up a prey to sin, O Agni, the greedy enemy that brings us trouble; Not to the fanged that bites, not to the toothless: give not us up, thou Conqueror, to the spoiler” – Rig Veda 1.189.5
Yes, of course you kept some of these things, you were not stupid, you know that the old culture was valuable, but you only kept so much as would not interfere with the new order, your new Messiah.  But there was a schism between your daily lives and those of your Messiah.  No Christian nation has ever acted like Jesus, because if you did you would all be hung up on crosses.  No, it was easier to keep your old survivalist spirit and transpose this on to Old Testament barbarians.  Regardless of the fact that Israel had built nothing of its own but only survived on theft and deception, at least they were fighters, and cunning ones at that.  The Old Testament allowed you to be a pigheaded Rambo, but that pathetic man on the cross always hung over your head, even if it was only in word. 
“Like a fair path is he, where grass is pleasant, though hard to win, a Friend beloved most early. Those who unharmed by enemies behold us, while: they would make them bare, stood closely compassed.” – Rig Veda 1.190.6
But eventually Jesus caught up with you, the Protestant revolution brought Bibles to every hand and independent study of the scripture.  Priests could no longer manipulate you into believing the old pagan ways could work with Jesus, no now you knew his true message for yourselves.  As he had done in Israel, Jesus appeared to you in his full form only after all the old ways have been destroyed and abolished, and now this meek "savior" appeared upon the shores of your mind, because your men and women had been transformed into sheep, ready to be sheared by their shepherd.
“So through thy favour may we force through all our enemies a way, As 'twere through streaming water-floods.” – Rig Veda 2.7.3
Jesus broke down the boundaries of your race and your culture, he told you there were to be no Greeks or Jews, just one people. He confused the lines between enemy and friend, anyone could be brought to Christ, and even if you did have enemies, Jesus was your example, you were to turn the other cheek.  Yes, you took on an outer appearance of Jesus, you became meek men on the streets, but you were also taught to keep strict control in your homes, you were to insure your wives and children were good Christians, and you were to use the rod to do it. 

“To whom two armies cry in close encounter, both enemies, the stronger and the weaker; Whom two invoke upon one chariot mounted, each for himself, He, O ye men, is Indra” – Rig Veda 2.12.8
And here is how we get to the problem you are facing today, your Leftism, your Marxism, your regressive feminism and your treasonous gays and don't forget your drunken brutish heterosexual sons.  Straight Christian men lost all their respect because they were not respectable, you became ugly hypocrites, the enforcers of an ugly and stupid and illogical and parasitic religion.  Father was no longer a man to look up to but a man to be feared, a man put in your life to squeeze you into the horrors of Christianity, and if you struggled for freedom and beauty and reason, father was there to hurt you. 
“Through thee, kind -prosperer, O Brahmanaspati, may we obtain the wealth of Men which all desire: And all our enemies, who near or far away prevail against us, crush, and leave them destitute.” – Rig Veda 2.23.9
Economic Marxism is another story, and it is not the threat you face today, but Cultural Marxism. Many of you want to blame Cultural Marxism for breaking your old Christian society, but Cultural Marxism was simply a logical end to Christian misery, a misguided yet still powerful way for sons and daughters to crush the now ugly family system.  The Cultural Marxists did not hypnotize the youth, they simply sang the song they wanted to hear, they offered the freedom of paganism without the philosophy, they offered the logic and rationalism and naturalism of paganism, but bent these toward the evolution of the worker state.  

“The mover mid the spoil, the winner of all wealth, to be invoked in fight and reverently adored, Brhaspati hath overthrown like cars of war all wicked enemies who fain would injure us.” – Rig Veda 2.23.13
So what do you have now, a generation of youth who can relate to Muslims. Christianity had turned white men into colonialist dogs, like the Israelites they captured foreign lands and nations and enslaved their people, while at home they dominated their children who grew to hate them. Yes, Islam is atrocious, but it is also the enemy of Christianity, and many stupidly believe the enemy of your enemy is your friend. The youth of Sweden are like the youth everywhere, they don't care that Islam is a horror, they likely don't even believe in Leftism anymore, all they know is they hate life and would rather take down that which made them hate life and themselves, they want revenge, you have filled them with nothing but hatred and regret. 
“The pious ones when they had seen the falsehoods turned them back, the sages stood again upon the lofty ways. Cast down with both their arms upon the rock they left the kindled fire, and said, No enemy is he.” – Rig Veda 2.24.7
So what is the answer?  Can you even truly bring your resistance under the banner of Christianity? How many of your young men even believe in it, how many of them are still truly under its spell? Can you restore your old religion, the Aesir and Vanir?  How many of your old manuscripts are left, who has this organic culture within them to resurrect it, and how many people take paganism seriously? The answer is right in front of you, but you have been blinded by yet another false prophet, not a prophet of natural pagan racialism but a prophet of post-Abrahamic racism, yes, Adolph Hitler.  

“THE righteous singer shall o'ercome his enemies, and he who serves the Gods subdue the godless man. The zealous man shall vanquish the invincible, the worshipper share the food of him who worships not.” – Rig Veda 2.26.1
The Christian religion broke down your natural ethnic barriers, your natural divisions within your own society to absorb the differences in your own personalities.  Christianity brought the mergers of many different sub-races into nation states, and told them to ignore their previous ethnic knowledge.  And you were given mixed signals about the Jews and Zionism, were they your enemy or god's chosen yet fallen people?  Even the Christians who supported them admitted in private that Jews were using you to gain Israel, and that they would destroy you in the process, but this was all part of prophecy and so it needed to happen.  Many have intuition that the Jews are pushing race-mixing on the white races, if this is true they can only do this because the Christians started this agenda centuries ago. There is no difference between Jew and Greek, you are all one in Christ, now with a similar culture, racial destruction is inevitable with or without the Jews. 

“As with a bolt, Brhaspati, fiercely flaming, pierce thou Vrkadvaras', the Asura's, heroes. Even as in time of old with might thou slewest, so slay even now our enemy, O Indra” – Rig Veda 2.30.4
Hitler and the Nazis were not an organic movement, like Communism they were a reactionary movement, they were reacting against centuries of racial and cultural destruction brought upon them by Christianity, but in their cowardice they could not turn and show the blame of their own people, and so they siphoned all their hatred into another apparent enemy, the Jews.  But in the end the Nazis became like the Jews, rather than speaking of natural racial characters they spoke of mystical racial superiority and a nation which would house them, they became like the Jews, the Germans were the new Jews and Germany was the new Israel. They fell into this trap because they had too little to go on in any other direction, the Nazis were profound occultists but even with their determination they could not raise a pagan frame to lay their movement, and so they copied their enemies. 
“Strength of the Gods which none may harm, subduing all his enemies, Agni is mightiest in fame.” – Rig Veda 3.11.6
Now let's get to the point, and that is bringing deserving Swedes to Hinduism in order to save what can be saved of your people.  Post-Nazism has left the stupid idea in the minds of many Europeans that if it does not come from Europe, it can't be good, even though many of these same people are ready and willing to serve under a Semitic god.  Hitler's half-baked attempt to revive organic pagan racialism and ethno-tribes under the banner of supremacism has blinded most to the answer, an answer that does lie in India but which is actually deeper in your blood than even Thor and Odin. 
“Wait, Maruts, Heroes, upon him the Prosperer in whom is bliss-increasing wealth; Who in fights ever conquer evil-hearted men, who overcome the enemy.” – Rig Veda 3.16.2
Some of you may have heard of the Aryan Invasion Theory.  This theory produced by Christian European Colonialists posited that the religion of Hinduism was created when light skinned tribes invaded the subcontinent of India, and that these light skinned tribes originated in Europe or the Caucus mountains. The European Colonialists saw a strength in Hinduism that scared them, they knew it could one day compete with their Christianity, and so they needed to undermine it but at the same time co-opt it.  Christian Europe fancied itself an extension of Israel, and just as the Jews had once been god's chosen people, the white Christian European had in some ways taken the Jew's place, the white Christian was the new Jew, and so nothing good in the world could have been created without his influence. To rob India of her past and thus break the Hindus, but at the same time claim their religious accomplishments as their own, the Christian colonialists took the Vedas of Hinduism and put them in the lap of Europe, but then degraded these as pre-Christian barbarism. 
“Give us not up to indigence, Agni, nor want of hero sons, Nor, Son of Strength, to lack of cattle, nor to blame. Drive. thou our enemies away” – Rig Veda 3.16.5
The attempt to bring you to Hinduism is not an attempt to dilute your race, in fact it is the very opposite, but what you need to do for a moment is drop the idea that only good ideas come from Europe, more than this you need to ponder the idea of where Europeans came from and perhaps be open to suggestion that your races and religions are the product of a foreign land. The Christian ethno-centrists could not for a moment allow you to think that your races and your ancient glory had come from another land other than perhaps Israel.  Yet your scholars and orientalists could not hide the truth, their fascination with India and Hinduism became too great, and even in their attempt to undermine and steal Hinduism, they left behind their own demise. 
“AGNI, subdue opposing bands, and drive our enemies away. Invincible, slay godless foes: give splendour to the worshipper” – Rig Veda 3.24.1
Everyone has heard of the term Indo-European, and everyone knows this means that the languages and ancient religions of India, Persia and Europe are all intertwined, they are obviously related.  However the Christians would never allow the obvious to be stated, and that is the fact that the Hindu Vedic language of Sanskrit is considered to be the oldest of these related languages, and the Vedas themselves are the oldest Indo-European holy book. No historian or linguist worth their salt would believe that the scattered languages and religions of ancient Europe all happened to drain together into the Indus River Valley and combine into a the most precise language on earth (Sanskrit) and a tightly nit pantheon of Vedic gods. No it is obvious that the Sanskrit Language and the Vedic religion are the foundations of Europe and rather than their being an Aryan Invasion, their was an Aryan exodus out of the Indus River Valley and into Europe. 
“A cry is beard from enemies most near us: against them send thy fiercest-flaming weapon. Rend them from under, crush them and subdue them. Slay, Maghavan, and make the fiends our booty.” – Rig Veda 3.30.16
Today, in Pakistan, you will find traces of white Hindus who are almost indistinguishable from many Europeans, they are called the Kalash Tribe.  Genetic studies have shown they do not descend from Europe and their religion is based in the old Vedas.  The Indus River Valley civilization appeared and peaked far before the civilizations of Europe, and they created a highly structured language and religion, the quality of which cannot be found among any of Europe's ancient yet scattered paganism. All of your languages and religions which are related to each other but are not bound together into a harmonious whole, all of your related yet divided religions, all of these have their roots in the Indus River Valley civilization, in Sanskrit and the Vedas. Without Hitler's misguided attempts to preserve your race, without Christian chauvinism, and with research, the truth of this reality should be evident to the most crystal clear of your minds. See: Aryan Hindu History 

“When to your car-poles ye have yoked your spotted deer to be your steeds, and put your golden mantles on, O Maruts, ye disperse all enemies abroad. Their cars moved onward as they went to victory.” – Rig Veda 5.55.6
But now how is Hinduism going to be of any help to Swedes or any other Europeans in organizing themselves into a culture and unit who can fight Islamism, Leftism, Zionism and Christianity? When anyone looks upon the modern day Hindus, they see what seems to be a passive lethargic mass which is too divided to fight back let alone destroy their enemies. But then ask yourselves this, why are you in this same position, who put you there?  Don't forget that Hindu India was colonized by the very same Christianity that broke you, and the Christian British made it very clear they feared the strength of Hinduism and they devised plans to weaken Hindu India from within.  The entire story can be summed up by Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1st Baron Macaulay who was highly responsible for creating India's colonialists education system:

"I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in the country, such high moral values, people of such caliber, that I do not think we would conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation." - Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1st Baron Macaulay, Speech to the Britsh Parliament, (1835)

Now this is not to say that Hinduism is weak, unlike European paganism, Hinduism has survived both Islamic invasion and Christian colonialism, relatively intact.  India is the only nation on earth that has any viable Pagan political parties, it is the only nation on earth that even has a chance in hell of thwarting the many isms which plague Europe today.  Say what you will about the current state of India, however they have preserved the old religion far better than yourselves and are even now rising as a world power, economically and culturally. The current submerged condition of the Indian Hindu hides a fierce brilliance, this faded remnant was preserved by many great warriors and statesmen who warded off Islam and Christianity far better than Europe has, and the current culture of resistance is much healthier in India than it is in Europe. Their is also a communal sense among Hindus, a communal sense that Europe cannot muster even in the death throes.

So what does Hinduism offer you in your struggle to regain Sweden?  Your old pagan holy books are mostly gone, and those that do remain cannot provide you with an entire social system.  Hinduism is based in the holy books which unite all Indo-Europeans, the Vedas, and so the extensive derived literature can easily be viewed as your ancient European religions, only in the Indian context.  The ancient religions and the Vedas are not based in dogmas but are an attempt to understand and align humanity with the natural forces of the universe, and because Hinduism is a naturalistic and organic ethic, it is applicable to all places and all times, regardless of the fact that the scenery and society it takes place in is India.  Hinduism is called the Eternal Religion because it will never die, it can't die, as long as humanity searches nature for understanding and examples, Hinduism will remain; this search for natural understanding lies underneath Hinduism's Indian garb. Please See: Elemental Hinduism 

“Agni bestows the hero chief, winner of waters, firm in fray. Soon as they look upon his might his enemies tremble in alarm” – Rig Veda 6.14.4

In the Vedas we find gods of the elements, earth, air, fire and water, their personalities and functions replicate the natural elements they represent, and perhaps the consciousness endowed within these.  Hindu epics and lore are not commands but thousands of interconnected stories which give us examples of how humans live and the consequences of their actions.  Hinduism gives us examples of how Vedic people found it best to trade, to rule and maintain family life, these are based on trial and error, not dogma, and are pliant enough to be adapted to the modern age. Thus we are given a strong basis upon which to create or rather revive Aryan economic and governmental ideologies. See: Modern Vedic Kingship & Hindu Guild Economics 

“Be thou the foeless helper of the skilful man, subduer of the enemy near or far away. Bestow a wealthy home on men, O Son of Strength. Give Vitahavya riches spreading far and wide, give Bharadvaja wide-spread wealth.” – Rig Veda 6.15.3
As for the matter of race, Hinduism replicated the old pagan organic racialism, but is mature enough to understand there is not such thing as a master race.  In the Vedas we see there are many gods, and each of these gods takes their place as the ruler of the pantheon depending on the circumstances, different personalities are equipped for different tasks, Indra is the ruler of war, Lakshmi is ruler of the home, Agni is the ruler of communication and Saraswati is the ruler of education and knowledge. Everyone understands that even within a race there is no such thing as a supreme personality, each personality takes its place as the ruling personality depending on circumstances. 

“Now have we entered on the road that leads to bliss, without a foe, The road whereon a man escapes all enemies and gathers wealth.” – Rig Veda 6.51.16
In Hindu epics we find hundreds of human and non-human races, these interact with each other but maintain natural tribes and kingdoms, they obviously group and mate together because they have similar temperaments, aesthetics and abilities. Ethnic qualities are born from the environment in which the ethnicity lives in, they are adapting to best survive their circumstances.  Nature does not make superior and inferior forms of animals, it only makes adapted animals, animals honed to live in a certain way. Hinduism does not ask us to blend our races, it also does not tell us we can't do so, there are plenty examples of race mixing in Vedic literature, but it does ask us to look above the survival tool of ethnicity and look for higher principles.
“Clear paths that we may win the prize; scatter our enemies afar. Strong God, be all our thoughts fulfilled.” – Rig Veda 6.53.4
The famous Gita gives us an example of a warrior Arjun who is reluctant to go to war because his opponents are his own family.  Arjun's cousins have fallen way off the route of the natural and organic ethics which maintain civilization, they have allowed a woman to be attacked and violated in the middle of their holy court and they have done nothing to help her.  Krishna, representing the natural will, proclaims this race to be beyond saving and must be wiped out.  Arjun is given the task of battling his own relatives, which he eventually does and wins, but the point here is that Hinduism does not ask us to maintain a blind allegiance to our family or race, we are asked to look above race and judge the quality of the character. 

“I WILL declare, while juices flow, the manly deeds that ye have done: Your Fathers, enemies of Gods, were smitten down, and, Indra-Agni, ye survive.” – Rig Veda 6.59.1
Another good example of Hindu racialism that is not racist is the story of Rama.  Rama is a Hindu prince who is cast out of his kingdom by the intrigues of his misguided stepmother. Rama is sent out on a long journey and quest which will build him up into a warrior king who will be welcomed back to his kingdom,but he must first fight a demon king named Ravana who has stolen his love Sita. Rama is not hung up on race, he is all alone and needs help, and so he befriends many different races along his journey who eventually help him defeat the demon king Ravana, save his love Sita and return to his kingdom a King.  Rama did not pout because he could not go forward with members of his own race, he saw the merit in other races and worked with them to become a legend. 

So how do I want to end this post?  If the Swedes look around them today, they will find that like Arjun in the Gita, it is their own relatives and race who are fallen, and it is Christianity which has brought you to this point. All any movement needs is a few good men, a few good Swedes who are able to see beyond immediate race and culture and recognize the holistic ethic and history Hinduism offers. To adopt Hinduism is not to lose your race or culture, it is to cleanse yourself of the pollution which has destroyed your race and culture.  Your ancient religion is a copy of the Vedas, only the best of you will see that and only the bravest of you will be able to pick up the Vedas and use them to revive and win. Like Rama, you need to look beyond your own race for help, as there are many races united in this fight, the fight for Aryan life against the many plagues of this dark age.  There are millions of Indians, thousands of white, black, red and yellow Hindu converts, they are not your enemies, they are your allies, each with their own unique expression of the cosmos, evolved here in the end to fight the Kali demon of ignorance.  You have lived under this demon of ignorance for far too long, if you don't wake up now, you may never.